Hands down the BEST realtors I've ever worked with is The Virgil team. They're professional to the core, extremely knowledgeable about the market and superb negotiators. I've recommended them many times and all my family/contacts loved them too. You simply cant go wrong with Randy and Annette. I have bought three houses from them and each time has been more impressive. - Nancy B

I have used the Virgil's for two real estate transactions and both times it was very easy and if I had questions or needed extra info they were always willing to help.. -Cindy D

The Virgil team has exceeded our expectations in every way. We would highly recommend to everyone looking to purchase a new home. Our home buying experience could not of been better! -user 7604919

Virgilteam was very patient with me during the period that my house was for sale. Made my home very visual to prospective buyers, even though there were many homes on the market. They got me a smoking deal on my new home. They covered all the bases to make sure I was very protected in the new purchase. This transaction was my 5th with this team over the last 15 years! Thank you very much Randy and Annette! -user 284451

 I have done business with the Virgil Team 3 times buying and selling and they are top notch. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and looked out for out for my best interest. I would definitely recommend the Virgil Team if you are buying or selling. Im extremely with my quick sales! - user 274840

When I finally was ready to purchase a home on horse property- sometimes I found myself in that uncomfortable place of knowing I didn't even know what the questions were, so I searched for a realtor experienced with horse property, and after meeting the Virgils I knew I had found the right team to work with. Having a realtor who is skilled in every detail of the homes buying process was enormously comforting- it is a bit unnerving to think that about the number of things that can go wrong in such a detailed legal transaction. Even more reassuring than knowledge and experience though, was the quality of conscientiousness they brought to the process. In addition to the house, I needed to evaluate the barn, the fencing, and the pasture, but this was new to me and I knew very little about what to look for- a problem that was remedied as Annette and Randy supplied a crash course in Ranching 101 as we went over every aspect of barn/ fencing/ pasture- it was wonderful. Two things I want to mention- First, was their fierce determination to negotiate the best possible deal in my behalf, willing to expend every effort. Also, we were halfway through the process when I had to leave the country for three weeks- they assured me it was no problem, and they wee right!- Annette and Randy handled everything for me, arriving at the closing date with no delays and not a single hitch. Bottom line- I would have no hesitation recommending the Virgil Team to my mother or my best friend. - Marie S

Annette and Randy are detailed oriented and professional. We have bought and sold 5 homes through them! Annette knows everything about real estate transactions from beginning to end! I would recommend the Virgil Team looking to sell or buy a home. -Icmillikin

This is for anyone who is considering the Virgil team as their real estate agent. We have known Randy and Annette for over 8 years when they first became our agents. They have helped us buy one house and sell two. They are top-rate in what they do, exercising utmost professionalism and knowledge of their field. We have bought and sold many houses over the years and have used countless realtors, Randy and Annette are by far the best. Their client's needs are their goal quickly whether it is buying or selling. My only disappointment is that we now live in Texas and they don't! - Tom and Karen

It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Annette & Randy Virgil. When we were ready to list our home, we interviewed several local realtors. We were subjected to unending sales presentations by people who were very good at promoting themselves, but who neglected to consider our own needs and expectations. What a refreshing change it was to meet Annette & Randy Virgil. When we first me the Virgils, we were impressed by their professionalism and their knowledge of local market conditions. They didn't promote themselves- instead, they asked us questions and really listened to what we had to say. We had a difficult property to sell, and they worked aggressively to market it and get us top dollar. We were looking for a specific type of rural property to purchase and they worked patiently to find it for us. They treated us with respect and professionalism and helped us to choose the best home for our family in terms of both livability and resale value. What impresses us the most about Annette & Randy is their commitment to service. They truly believe in serving their clients' best interests. We have bought and sold homes five times now and have probably experienced every problem that can occur- from difficult negotiations to mortgage brokers that attempt to slip in extra fees right before closing. With other realtors, we had to watch out for everything ourselves. They seemed to be more interested in closing a sale than in protecting our interests. Annette and Randy are very different. Randy's construction experience was invaluable as we evaluated homes to purchase. He is a true "straight-shooter" and never hesitates to point out potential problems with a home- even if we seemed ready to write a contract. Annette's knowledge of marketing, home financing, and contracts is phenomenal. Her attention to detail and dedication to representing her clients' best interests are unwavering. We would consider ourselves fortunate to have either one of them working for us- but to have both was nothing short of exceptional. When we first began working with Annette & Randy, we considered them to be outstanding business partners, now we are happy to call them our friends as well. -Julie_D

We have worked with several realtors over the past 30 yrs, buying and selling 9 different properties with varying success. The last two properties we sold through Rand and Annette Wow what a difference their knowledge and experience made. This was during a time when sales were down and we were looking to sell fast. We interviewed several realtors and we decided to listed one of those change that, move this, fix that guessing all the time kind of things. We were contemplating one of those "We Buy Houses Cheap" things. We decided to interview a couple more realtors and by chance we came across Randy and Annette. From the first time they walked in we could see a very distinct difference from the other realtors we interviewed, very personable and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what the house needed and where to price it, long story short we had a contract within the first week on the market. The second property we listed through Randy and Annette was even more of a challenge, it did take a little longer than a week, but same results, we even sold for more then we expected even in a slow market. We would never consider looking for a different agent, we have and will keep recommending Randy and Annette to anyone and everyone that asked if we know a good realtor. They will definitely be our realtors on our next adventure also. -Wes and Jolene–

My wife and I were buying our first home and spent much time with Annette and Blake, both whom were knowledgeable, personable and helpful. The process was comfortable and easy. Thinking now of how many hours we invested in our home search, it surprises me that we spent so long, it didn't seem so long at the time. The office was well-appointed, the car was comfortable and they drove safely and pointed out relevant aspects of the real estate in the areas we traveled through. They showed us homes that interested us, and we picked our favorite. Months later, we are happy we bought the house we did and had Annette and Blake there to help us through the process. Thanks, Annette and Blake! -Hans C

Annette is the only real estate I will use. She handled the sale of our house earlier this year with professionalism and enthusiasm. I would recommend her very, very highly. -Scott Neel–

Working with Annette and Blake to buy my first home was a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home. Annette was very knowledgeable about multiple areas in the Colorado Springs. The Virgil team was extremely kind and easy to get in contact with. I feel like they truly did go above and beyond to help me and my family get into out first home, it truly was a smooth enjoyable transition from beginning to end. -Bailey M.–

I am writing this in appreciation for the work that Annette Virgil accomplished on the purchase of my new home. I was very confident in her abilities as an agent to get me the best deal possible. Even though she was out of her area of typical sales. She fought for every detail that helped me in the purchase, so much as she was teaching the realtors and loan specialists that correct ways to close the purchase. There wasn't anything she missed at the time of closing all issues were addressed and corrected quickly. I had to have little input into the deal as far as what my legal rights were to the contract. Annette was on top of every detail. I couldn't have asked better support of an agent. She is truly an asset to have on your team. Thank you, Jason Arndt

I have done business with Annette Virgil fir about 12 years now. At the time I was in the middle of having a home built and was living in a home that had been on the market for approximately 6 months with a different relator. That relator had no serious intrest in my home, and the bank would not let me close on the new home until it was sold. I was on the brink of serious financial trouble, and I was subsequently referred to the Virgils. They went right to work on cost analysis, marketing my home, holding open houses and such. Within a month a I had received 2 offers, and accepted one of them. I got moved into the new home and all was good. I have completed 3 more real estate transactions with the Virgils since the first one, all with the same high quality results. I am currently a subscriber to their website, and searching for another property to purchase, and of course, will be using their services for the next purchase and also the sale of my current home. over the years I have come to know Annette and Randy and consider them as friends that I know I can count on whether we are involved in real estate transactions or not. THey are good, honest, hard working couple, with great sense of morals, solid business ethics. They possess the kind of integrity you would look for when considering choosing a great friend, let alone someone you can trust in such important business transaction. It is great pleasure that I recommend Annette and Randy Virgil for your next real estate transaction. I am certain that your first experience with them will lead to many more, just as in my case, and with the same results. Best Wishes, Scott Roney–

We highly recommend Annette and Randy Virgil as realtors. They are highly professional with a personal touch. Their years of experience and knowledge of the market are very helpful when trying to buy or sell real estate. In today's economic times it is imperative to have agents like the Virgil Team to make sure that you receive the best price. The Virgil's provide exemplary service with respect and dedication to all of their clients from first time home buyers to clients purchasing their dream home. My wife and I have worked with them two separate occasions. The first was to purchase our first home. The second was to sell our first home and to purchase our second home. On both occasions they were a pleasure to work with and their expertise was invaluable. During both occasions there were snags in the process and the Virgil's were able to help solve the problems that arose and make it possible for my wife and I to close on time. The Virgil's have continued to go above and beyond for our family's real estate needs. My Sister-in law and a friend have both used the Virgil's and were both very satisfied with their service and were very appreciative of the recommendation. My friend was especially impressed by the Virgil Team's service and professionalism during the purchase of his first home after trying with two previous realtors. I would highly recommend them as realtors to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. It is very important to have a quality agent so that you may get the best possible outcome. With the Virgil Team you get the best. Sincerely, Jonathan & Kelly Gates

Randy and Annette Virgil took wonderful care of out family in two separate transactions. I bought a home with them in the summer of 2000 and then sold the same home in 2007. Supporting me as both a buyer and seller I'm happy to say Randy and Annette were reputable in all aspects and pleasant to work with. They know the local market and they listened to our needs to locate us in a great location. On the "back end" of our time living in Colorado they were great at listing our house and even in a slow market generated buyer flow and quickly sold out home. Randy and Annette are a great team and I warmly recommend them. Regards, Steve Buckley

As an active duty military member, I have had the opportunity to move quite a bit in the last 16 years. Because of this, I met Randy and Annette when I bought my first house here in CO in the early 90s. The market was so impressive that I recommended them to many of my friends to assists in both selling and buying houses. Every single person was just as thrilled with their help as I was, and used them again for future transactions. Once you have experienced their professional, knowledgeable service, any other agents will pale by comparison. I have been so frustrated having to work with other agents after knowing what a really good team is. Coming back to CO last year, there was no question about who would be helping me find my new home. As always, Randy and Annette listened to my desires and sterred me in the correct direction to find not only the perfect home, but also a place that will be saleable in the future. - Nancy

Annette, Blake, and Randy are all very knowledgable, personable individuals. I could not have asked for better hands on service when I was searching for my perfect home.– Emily A

We have known Randy and Annette Virgil for almost four years. We originally met them when we looked at property they had listed for sale. After meeting with them, we determined that we wanted to use them to sell our home in Peyton in order to purchase our current home in Calhan. We were impressed with their combined knowledge, professional attitude, yet down-to-earth demeanor. They took the time to sit down and explain the market conditions, the real estate process to us, and made us feel at ease even with our multitude of questions. Our home in Peyton sold within nine days of listing and the sale went through without a hitch. The purchase of our current home in Calhan also went through on time and without any problems. When it came time to put our home in Calhan on the market due to lifestyles, we never put any thought into who we would list the house with we knew we could trust the Virgil Team. While our house has not sold due to changing market conditions, we feel secure in our decision to use the Virgils. They are consistently courteous, professional, honest, and their communication is a valued asset. When friends ask us about a realtor, we never hesitate to refer them to the Virgil Team. Sincerely, Don and Kim M

We bought our second home in December 2008. Annette and Randy Virgil help us finding this home and assisted us thru the entire sales process. They have been very helpful. We like to mention, that we bought in 2005 our first home in Colorado Springs with the VIRGILTEAM. We would not hesitate to ask them again to help us. -Inge and Dietrich W